Super Sauna

Super Sauna has arrived to River Mountain Farm and Life Center.
This is our story: when Simon and I lived in Hawaii we had a very good friend who was struggling with Cancer- Simon and I became a little research crazy, trying to find natural treatments which would help our friend. It was during that time which we found a life changing juicing detox (which we still use once or twice a year). In that time we also learnt about this machine- it has been 13 years of saving and planning to be able to afford and host this machine for anyone who suffers from any kind of sicknesses and/or pain. It is like taking a bath in heealth. Just in the short time we have owned it we are feeling a change in our bodies…

We perchased the Super Sauna to help people and to form a foundational part of the life center. We hope to provide a place to host grounding and thus also health: physically, emotionally and spiritually.

This is NOT JUST an infrared sauna 😜 

A clarification on the Photon Genious or Super Sauna which we have. Apart from the infrared sauna which can be turned on and off, our machine has three other technologies, thus a cool session can be just as effective as a hot one. 

1. Harmonics

2. Light Therapy

3. Enhanced Reife Technology.

  1. The machine as a hum. This sound therapy relaxes the body and helps our cells begin to communicate at the correct harmonic. 
  2. Researches have taken skin reading on both healthy people and those struggling with diseases, such as cancer. A healthy person actually emits light, a person struggling with a sickness draws in light. This makes me think of times when we say “you are glowing”. We seem to sense how people send out light and health. This machine provides all the beneficial light emitted by the sun, and not the altar violet that brakes down the cells. Thus standing in the Photon Genious, our bodies are given an opportunity to absorb the light they need and bath in the unity of all the colors. Red light has long been known to heal the skin and diminish cellulite. The powerful combination of all the positive light is remarkable on both the skin and a persons mood. When clients are done with a session they often remark that they feel “at ease” or “peaceful” or simply, “I feel so good”. This electro medicine also changes the frequencies of all the technology in about a mile radius of the machine, so the negative frequencies that are emitted from our phones eta. are reversed for the time we are in the sauna… so cool!
  3. Our cells communicate best when they are in harmony, literal frequency harmonics. Within the light tubes are noble gasses. As the light are ignited the gasses help transmit that energy in a number of frequencies. Those frequencies are based on Reife technology and as they penetrate the skin the cells begin to “hum” at a beneficial cellular level. Thus creating open communication passages between your cells. This gives the body the time and strength it needs to begin to heal itself. This is the bases of all natural and even traditional medicines. We provide the best environment for the body to heal. No medication heals us… as we all now know, the body heals itself, we just need to boost the system enough for it to do its own work. The Genious is one of the most powerful boosters of the human body. 
  4. The infrared sauna is the cherry on top. One does not need to use the heat. However if you can tolerate a sweat, it is worth it. The body wants to eliminate toxins. One of the best methods of elimination is to sweat. So as we stand there the body is healing and eliminating all at the same time. ALSO infrared helps to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and penetrate deep into the muscle and bone to provide relief. The penetration of the infrared in this sauna is the most powerful in the world it is at least 6 inchs into the skin… so by rotating you can get all the way into and through your entire body…

So if you need a boost and are feeling in anyway “out of sorts” this machine can provide an environment in which your body can begin to heal. We notice that people who come regularly really begin to notice significant changes. The changes are sneaky and yet profound, all of a sudden you notice that something feels better, or the pain is gone in one place or another, it is truly remarkable. Ill be posting some stories soon from people who come use the Photon Genious… 

Photon-Genius Super Sauna Health Benefits

  • Alleviate pain
  • Detoxify the body
  • Strengthen cardiovascular system
  • Devitalize and clear pathogens, fungus, mold, bacteria, germs, etc.
  • Regenerate tissue & bone
  • Improve symptoms of most diseases
  • Reflow nerve pathways
  • Empower body’s immune system
  • Promote longevity
  • Recovery from Covid or any health difficulties post vaccine.
  • Athletic Exercise recovery
  • Burns calories and regulates weight, increasing metabolism and body temperature, burning up to 700 calories per session!
  • Relieves tension, stress and fatigue
  • Renews immune system health
  • Normalizes cholesterol
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Relieves pain, muscle tension and fatigue
  • Improves skin tone and eliminates acne
  • Improves cardiovascular conditioning and allows cardiovascular workout for those who might not otherwise be able to exercise (those in wheelchairs)
  • Decreases joint stiffness, edema and other
  • inflammatory conditions
  • Stimulates cellular and enzyme activity
  • Improves flow within the lymphatic system
  • Increases circulation and nourishes
  • damaged tissue
  • Clears cellulite by breaking down the fat and waste stored in pockets below the skin
  • Promotes the adhesion and osmosis of water molecules across the cellular membrane
  • Decreases the Density of Uric Acid
  • Reduces the Effects of Injuries
  • Encourages Lymphatic Drainage
  • Encourages Metabolic Rate
  • Reduces Pathogenic Bacteria, Fungus and Parasites
  • Prevents Premature Aging
  • Disinfects the Blood: Improves Circulation.
  • Clears Heavy Metals: without stressing the detox organs.
  • Neutralizes pathogens, reduces infections and the toxins that breed and feed them.
  • Promotes elasticity of skin: gets rid of wrinkles, acne, other skin ailments, cellulite, clears up varicose veins, stimulates the production of collagen, making the skin supple and “glowing” effect.
  • Improves the performance of all organs and functions of the body.
  • Increases the energy available to all cells, tissues, organs, and systems of the body.
  • Moves and balances all fluids of the body: dynamically moves and balances the lymph system (responsible for managing toxins throughout the body), and up-regulates all immune system functions.
  • Defends the body against all toxic exposures: depending on how often and over what period of time you use it.
  • Improves memory functions: The Nitric Oxide is used by the brain to encode long-term memory and ensure blood flow to all brain cells.
  • Decreases joint stiffness, edema, and other inflammatory conditions.


Special Deal for 2023:

$1 a min. So if you stay in the sauna for 30 min it is $30

Single Sessions:

  • 45 min $50
  • 30min $40
  • 20 min $30


Medical Package: 10 seasons for 30 min at a discounted rate for anyone with a medical condition $300

Package 1: 4 Sessions – 30 min long – $150

Package 2: 6 Sessions – 30 min long – $228

Package 3: 10 Sessions – 30 min long – $350

Package 4: 4 Sessions – 45 min long – $180

Package 5: 6 Sessions – 45 min long – $288

Package 6: 10 Sessions – 45 min long – $400

TO RE-ESTABLISH the ideal vibrational frequencies and harmonic energy states of each individual cell in the body.

TO DEVITALIZE pathogens in the systems of the body (yeast, fungus, mold, viruses, bacteria, parasites, etc.), stopping infections, slowing and reversing disease processes.

TO BREAK-UP blockages and barrier tissues through re-polarizing cells and molecules;
dissolving lumps, clots and mineral deposits.

TO DETOXIFY the body by moving and balancing the lymphatic, circulatory and other
fluid systems of the body through all the channels (blood vessels, lymph, capillaries) for more
efficient transport of nutrition, vital energy and infinite intelligence throughout the cells of the
body, brain and nervous system.

Noticeable & Comprehensive Health Benefits

Using the Photon-Genius produces potent antioxidants, neurotransmitters and artery wall relaxers. The Photon- Genius helps regulate muscle tone of the arteries and prevents arteriosclerosis and is anti-inflammatory preventing injury to vessel walls and normalizing blood pressure in the process.

Using the Photon-Genius produces powerful brain cell protectors, neurotransmitters, memory and learning enhancers (transmitting harmonic, balanced chemical messages in the brain).

The Photon-Genius transmits, imprints, and reminds the human body at the cellular level of the essential creative process of perpetual enlivening energy that results in more natural and empowered regenerative processes throughout the body.

The Photon-Genius is a wonderfully safe and easy-to-use dynamic means of achieving ever-accelerating levels of health, wellness and more efficient, natural regeneration and rejuvenation. The Photon-Genius technologies provide “noticeable” and “comprehensive” health benefits to make your body the best it can be. 

Some Testimonties and Additional infomation

GENIUS – Autism and Children

We recently received this inspiring feedback from Energy Life Center regarding Autism and Skilling Institute’s Photon Genius (Breakthrough Energy-Infrared):

“By the way… here is what the mother of the autistic boy who comes to Energy Life Center has said about what it has done for her son:

“The Photon Genius is a ‘Godsend’ for my son with autism. It is a relief to know that I can normalize my life knowing that I have a way to detox my son from everyday exposure to toxins.”

The results that she has seen include;

  • sleeps through the night for 5 nights after one 20 minute session
  • has regularized his bowels…. no more constipation
  • has calmed him down
  • has given him the ability to speakHer words to me were; “now I know that there is an answer, I feel relieved” and “I don’t worry about his future now.” “What a magnificent thing!!”

Photon Genius #1 for Lyme Disease:

The Photon Genius decreases the viral load to the body every single session (verifiable by blood tests): stimulates dynamic detoxification, oxygenation, circulation and balance at all levels including the lymph, blood, tissues, organs, & systems of the body; there are no Herxheimer reactions with the Photon Genius for Lyme patients and it is the #1 instrument to get people over detox reactions from all other treatments.

PHOTON GENIUS – General Health
People Travel From Abroad to Use the Photon Genius
Lori Phillips, RN shares people travel from all over to use the Photon-Genius for the noticeable results it provides; helping with various types of catastrophic illnesses; helping people to get off pain medications; also helps general health improvement; fungus and skin pigmentation improved; varicose veins gone away; skin and complexion noticeably changed; helps with detoxification 

PHOTON GENIUS – Skin Cancer, Lymphoma, Tumors, Recovery from Workouts, Relaxation and Sleep

Photon Genius Helps Friend with Cancer

Lori Phillips, RN shares how the Photon-Genius has helped her friend in her 90s dealing with skin cancer and lymphoma cancer in the lymph system. Her friend’s cancer has continued to reduce since she began using the Photon-Genius and has helped heal her skin where she had surgery. Started out slow with short sessions and worked up to using it for longer periods.

Lori shares her personal experience with Photon Genius sessions helping with recovery from workouts, deep relaxation and sleep. 

PHOTON GENIUS: Cancer, Pain Relief, Reduce Pain Meds, Arthritis Relief

This video shares examples of the Photon-Genius and significant pain relief for arthritis and pain relief for cancer.
In this video, Lori Phillips, a Registered Nurse (RN) shares about the Photon- Genius. Lori has over thirty years of experience and has worked with many cancer patients. She now offers Photon-Genius sessions as an effective alternative therapy in order to offer more than treating symptoms.

The Photon-Genius energy sauna combines hyperthermia or heat therapy (more infrared energy than any sauna in the world) and energy medicine (Ed Skilling electro-medicine).
Lori shares that she has all ages for Photon-Genius sessions. She has a little eight year old girl with neck and face cancer that really liked it. Lori shared it as a “space ship with lights.”

In addition, Lori discovers from the little girl’s father that he is dealing with early onset of arthritis when he calls the next morning after holding his little girl in the Photon-Genius and reports that he is able to do things without pain that he normally is unable to do. He experiences significant pain relief.

Lori also shares about a cancer patient (breast cancer) that requires pain medication in an IV every two hours. After just a few Photon-Genius sessions, she is able to reduce the pain medication in her IV and is able to walk by herself. After five Photon-Genius sessions, she is completely off the pain medication and experiences significant pain relief.

PHOTON GENIUS – Heart, Circulation, Pacemaker Averted
Circulation and the Photon Genius
Lori Phillips, RN shares Photon-Genius helps improves circulation; client’s heart rate normalized, pacemaker averted. 

PHOTON GENIUS – Endometriosis, Pain
Photon Genius Relieves Endometriosis & Pain; Aids in getting off Pain

“At the age of 21 I was diagnosed with Endometriosis. Endometriosis is very painful and I went through three surgeries. I was on pain medications on and off for 12 years.

When I first heard about the Photon Genius I was very skeptical about trying it out. Once I learned about all the wonderful things It can do for your body I finally tried my first session.

After I did my first session which was 30 minutes I felt amazing. I felt so alert and so awake and was ready for the day. And the best part about it is that I knew I was burning a lot of calories because of all the sweating I had experienced.

A little bit of time went on and I decided that I did not want any more pain medications and I knew that the Photon Genius would help get rid of the pain and detox me off my medications at the same time.

After about 10 sessions my Endometriosis pain was completely gone and I detoxed off my pain medications in only two days. And since then I am now using the Photon Genius for three months and I’ve also lost 5 pounds.

The Photon Genius is the best thing that has ever happened to me!”

PHOTON GENIUS – Breast Cancer
Photon Genius Client with Cancer Grateful to Ed Skilling
Client shares about all the different ways she has been helped by Photon Genius sessions; shares how grateful she is to Ed Skilling and the technologies. The Photon Genius is easy to use and helps the body to dynamically detoxify and balance naturally without harmful side effects. The Photon Genius is a conditioning tool that helps the body to get in better shape from head to toe from the inside out.

Photon Genius Client Shares His Experience With The Photon Genius 
More Energy, Feeling Better, Hopeful for a Normal Life 

PHOTON GENIUS – Diabetes; Averts Amputation
Diabetes Patient Uses Photon Genius to Save Foot From Amputation:

Surprising breakthrough technologies of the Photon Genius save diabetics from gangrene, uncontrollable infections, and ineffective medical treatments after trying everything else: 



Dr. Tom shares about his son who is diabetic. His son had a virus that attacked his pancreas at age 13. They used nutrients and made some progress and then the virus came back worse. His son is now 18 and is insulin diabetic, considered “brittle diabetic.”

Dr. Tom shares that his son experiences swings in his blood sugar, both from eating which causes it to shoot high and from sports which can cause it to drop. His son uses the Photon-Genius to help normalize and smooth out these swings and experiences significant relief from using the Photon-Genius.

PHOTON GENIUS – Lyme Disease


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