Grace Covenant Church Harrisonburg 2021

Living Room (2021)

Middle School Wrestling Team (2021)
Middle School (2020)

Isle and Co Candle Company Front of Building 2020

Isle and Co Candle Company Massenetten 2020
Garage (2020)
Flower House
Bathroom Poopies
Santorini Island mural 2019
Bedroom Mural – A Spring Morning 2019

Sentara RMH Wellness Center

Green Gables

Decorative Wall
Wall Texturing, done for RMH Wellness Center
Hawaiin Murals done by Janine Aberg together with Amani Hanson
Bathroom – Newspaper collage

Community Mural – Janine did the background of the Harrisonburg community Tree of Unity in Diversity and 21 community groups each added a leaf to represent their organization, religion or ethnic group. Done together with “The Many Voices Of Harrisonburg”