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Janine (South African) and her husband Simon (Swedish) met in Hawaii. They have lived in many places but as a couple they have spent 10 years in Hawaii, and 10 years in the Shannondoaha Valley. They now own a small equine centered farm in Keezletown, VA where they run River Mountain Farm And Life Center. Janine and Simon have three beautiful girls Arowin, Katanyah and Soercha. Janine has traveled to over 40 countries and she carries a passion for variety, culture, color, movement and people in all she does. This comes through strongly in her art. Her paintings are a melting pot of philosophy, phycology, dance,  culture, horsemanship, conflict resolution, connection to God, and beauty!

Janine is a passionate artist. She processes life through art and finds true solace in her times in front of a fresh canvas or wall. Art is a form of meditation for her which gives her time to connect the spiritual and physical aspects of life. Coming from a very difficult home life Janine has experienced conflict, deep loss, a deep connection with God, and a passion to live life fully as “oneself”. In pain and the loss of dear ones people can tend to loose themselves… Janine has walked a long journey to find herself and she finds it imperative to live honestly as who she truly is. 

Her art is strongly influenced by color, light, and her love for dance, movement, and animals. Her work expresses the wealth of beauty and feeling that is born out of the confluence of suffering and the joy of life. This coupled with complexity in design makes Janine a truly unique artist. She is deeply influenced by her country of origin (South Africa), living in Hawaii, and traveling around the world. Artists she admires are Van Gogh, Salvador Dali, Paul Klee, Jean Francois Millet and Francisco Goya. 

Janine has painted murals in houses, churches, and businesses in South Africa, Hawaii, and Harrisonburg. Local businesses including Dick Myers, Sentara RMH wellness center, J. Frank Hillyard Middle school to mention a few.  Janine loves to connect her many passions, like her passion for psychology, peacebuilding, animals, and dance. She has found joy in her art being used on the cover of books; especially “To Stir &” by Nikia Chaney. Her art also hangs in Eastern Mennonite University right here in Harrisonburg.

Her preferred mediums are oil and acrylic. She loves to experiment with the intersectionality between fine art, dance, theater, music, animals and healing. She does portraiture, landscape, murals, body painting (especially for pregnant mothers), and social justice pieces.

The artist holds a BA in Performing Arts from the University of the Nations, and an MA in Conflict Transformation from Eastern Mennonite University, Center for Justice and Peacebuilding. Janine has won prices at fine art competitions on the Hawaiian Islands, including the Kona Coffee Arts Festival and the Waimea Arts Council. She has worked for a summer with Philadelphia Mural Arts and has exhibited with a group of fantastic artists at the Olympic games in the UK 2012.

Her art hangs in many countries including the USA, South Africa, China, Germany, Sweden, and England.

Janina and Simon own River Mountain Farm & Life Center LLC which is a equine farm where where they host restoration and grounding events in which Janine uses her art and passion for life coupled with Simon’s passion for grounding, posture, and peacefulness to give people a chance to “find themselves” in a busy life. They also host natural horsemanship classes, event hosting, dance, yoga and art classes as well as Photon Genious/ Super Sauna Sessions for health and wellness.

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Janine and her husband Simon
Janine and Simon Aberg
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