Horse Riding Lessons.

We Teach Natural Horsemanship to all Ages on our farm. This means we do not simply put the student on the horse and teach them to stay there. We teach children and adults the language of communicating with the Horse through groundwork, care and riding. We take the time to teach fundamental Horsemanship inspired by Buck Brannaman. There is a complex understanding between horse and rider… It takes time to build a true relationship with a horse but at the end of the day, the student will walk away gaining confidence, discipline and life-skills which can be applied in any area of life.

Any age is welcome. We offer Privite lessons for individuals and groups up to 4.


  • $70-$100 A Lesson for Privite Lessons this depends what n content and riding vs ground work.
  • Groups 2-4 students $40 per student for 18 and under- 18 + is $50 a lesson. Lessons are 1 hour or can extend to 1.5 hours if needed for cleaning and tack chores.
  • Sibling classes I occasionally give a discount on an individual basis.
  • We bill monthly and we have a 24 hour cancelation policy. This means that if the rider is sick or you go on vacation please let me know more than a day ahead as I have students waiting to make up lessons who I can slot in. Otherwise u will be billed for that lesson!
Arowin and Katanyah with Aya and Vunderoch

Equine Yoga

In Summer Thursdays at 5:30 pm. Classes are 1 hour and 15 min. We do sun salutations, balance practice, stretches ext for both humans and horses. Come join up for a mindful connections with horses. Horses’ energy field is about 5 times the size of their body. They generally have a very calm energy that they emit and this can be very restorative to humans. Likewise we emit a smaller energy field but through focus and meditation we can benefit horses and help them heal and trust humans on a much deeper level. For a true experience in connection and benefit to both you and the animals, Equine Yoga is a very special experience.

Equine Related Healing Events

We offer weekend “restore” events. Events are $400 per person. We practice yoga and meditation, and we work with the horses to calm and connect with the deeper parts of ourselves. We use art to process our feelings and each session has a workshop time in which we process ideas about being human. These topics vary according to the theme of the workshop. Contact Janine for more info and the next upcoming event.

Equine Camps (See Summer Camps page)

Training for Horses.

If you have a horse who needs training we offer board and training for 30 -90 days. We start young horses and also help with difficulties people encounter in their horses that they struggle to change. Price is determined by what you want the horse to achieve when the training program is complete. $2000 a month. Simon and Janine both work on the horses and we also offer lessons so that you can keep training your horse afterwords and keep growing the positive changes.