Horse Riding Lessons.

We Teach Natural Horsemanship to all Ages on our farm. This means we do not simply put the student on the horse and teach them to stay there. We teach children and adults the language of communicating with the Horse through groundwork, care and riding. We take the time to teach fundamental Horsemanship inspired by Buck Brannaman. This is a Most complex Wunderstanding of the individual Horse and human relationship… It takes time to build a true relationship with a horse but at the end of the day, the student will walk away gaining confidence, discipline and lifeskills.

Any age is welcome. We offer Privite lessons for individuals and groups up to 3.


  • $40 A Lesson for Privite Lessons.
  • $35 each for 2 students or semi Privite.
  • Sibling classes are $25 each for a double lesson so a total of $50 for two kids.
  • $25 for group 3-4 students.
Arowin and Katanyah with Aya and Vunderoch

Horse Practice Times

$25-$30 Depending on length of time spent on the Farm. Children can practice the skills they learn During their Lessons times with minimal help from Janine.

Horse Partial Lease

$150 a month to Start Leasing a Horse.

Equine Yoga

Equine Related Healing Events

Equine Camps (See Summer Camps page)

Training for Horses.

If you have a horse who needs training we offer board and training from 1 – 3 months. Price is determined by what you want the horse to achieve when the training program is complete. $600-$900 a month.