Contact: please text Janine at 8082171889 or send a message on messenger. Dance class updates like snow days and other changes to schedule are posted on the Art Moves Life facebook page linked below.

Dance Classes for Children 3.5- 15 years olds

Dance classes are a combination of functional movement like cartwheels, handstands, and bridges as well as traditional dance. Janine increases the technique required for the children as they move up in class or in age. The classes also include ballet basics, modern/contemporary movement, and a little jazz and hip-hop for fun for the kids. Classes also include basic gymnastic moments using foundational equipment. We cannot be all things for families, so we encourage children to take ballet classes or other gymnastics elsewhere as well. What Janine provides is foundation. Without the basic strength, flexibility and coordination no proper technique can be sustained. So no matter the level of your young mover, they can all benefit from the body conditioning provided in these classes.

Once the children have accomplished all the technical requirements in these classes Janine will expand the studio to include separate ballet and modern classes.

Times and ages:

3:45 pm a Potential “homeschool class”.

4:45 pm to 5:30pm: Movement Explorers (Ages 3.5 – 5) we work with kids to explore movement and enjoy playing and dancing together- we do basics in dance and gymnastics and help the kids gain strength and coordination.

5:30 pm to 6:30 pm: Moving into Dance and Gym (Ages 6-9) this is 30 min of dance and 30 min of gymnastics and silks. The class focuses on the kids combining fun with good Tecknique amd strength building.

6:30pm – 7:30pm: Foundations in Dance and Gymnastics (Ages 10 – 15) This class is 30 min dance and 30 min Gymnastics. The focus is more on technique and we do some real movement choreography. A mini test will also be held at the end of the fall semester to see if I add the additional class and move the students to the next level.

Hip Hop classes are Fridays from 5:00 – 6:00 pm

Due to Covid classes have a limit of 12 children a class. Children are not required to ware masks but are welcome to. Adults are asked to ware masks if watching their children. Adults and other siblings can also walk around the farm and play on the zip-line, balance-line, and trampoline in the warmer months. Janine does not ware a mask while teaching as it is hard for the children to understand her but she has been vaccinated to help against the speed of covid.

Our Young class dancing


  • Price per month: (Per class $11.25) First Child is full price thereafter each child is $5 discount on the monthly rate.
    • 1 Child $ 45
    • 2 Children $ 85
    • 3 Children $ 125

Yoga for Adults Saturdays 9:00am

Saturday morning yoga is a great way to start your weekend. Janine varies the class depending on who is attending. In general the class is a moderate to difficult yoga class that is also open to beginners. It is a lovely experience to be in a yoga class overlooking some horses grazing in the field.

$12 a class or $40 a month

Strong (High Intensity Interval Training) for Adults Thursdays

12:00 noon

Janine teaches the STRONG class that is a high intensity interval class. This is great for strength training and weight loss. The class is a fun and intense workout set to music.

Adult Couples Dance CEROC

Saturday nights at 6 pm. Classes include 4 new ceroc moves a night, this takes about 45min and then we have about 30min of practice time.

Pricing for CEROC dance is payed in 4 week sessions. The sessions are $75 for the month. If couples commit to 3 months of classes then they receive a discount. 3 months of classes are thus $70 a month which totals at $210 for the three months.


1 adult for one class of yoga or STRONG a week is $40 a month OR if you pay upfront they are $35 a month

2 Adult classes for yoga or STRONG a week is $70 a month

“Drop in” classes for adults are $12 each

Equine Yoga:

Equine yoga class are held in the spring, summer and fall only. The yoga class is held outside with the horses. The first 4 classes include time getting to know how to do yoga on the ground with the horses. After a person has “graduated” from ground work yoga classes then separate classes will be scheduled for “on horse” balance. The wonderful thing with equine yoga is to see the effect of your focus and meditation on the horses.

Price: $15 per class