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Worrier Bride

Artist: Janine Aberg
Title: Warrior Bride
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Dimensions: 31” X 39”
Year Created: 2014
Price: $ 1500

Story: This painting is a depiction of the warrior bride or the bride of Christ. It is a woman who is confident and secure in who she is. She is brave and strong and also gentle and kind. She is the embodiment of the best of us, and the best of what we can become as a people of God. She is not from any specific place but has features from individuals in all nations and tribes.

She stands there, valiant, confident,
Bathed in the adoration of the one she loves.

His love is all she needs to know, that every cell in her body,
Every member in her magnificent temple is made individually for His glory.
This knowledge gives her the strength to live, thrive, and the power to act.

In the abundance of His grace towards her, she can call on the universe to supply her needs.
With her feet planted firmly on the ground she can pull down strongholds,
And uproot the lies that hold the will to break her.
She can say to the mountains; be moved, and to the tree; bear fruit.
She cares for the land and it responds to her call.
By her cry atoms are moved, and what she blesses is blessed and what she curses is cursed.

They have tried to dampen her spirit,
They have tried to pull her down,
But they cannot!
She is of one body, one unified, focused mind,
And no attack of the enemy can break her down.

The bride of Christ stands, her lamps are prepared with oil,
Her spiritual weapons of warfare are sharp,
Her heart is that of the humble servant and at the same time the victorious queen.

She prevails and bows low before the magnificence of her King.


Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Dimensions: 25” X 38.5”
Year Created: 2014
Price: Sold

Place of Peace

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Dimensions: 25” X 38.5”
Year Created: 2014
Price: Sold

Story: This painting depicts a place that is separated from the earth. A place that is peaceful and beautiful. The family on the landmass awaits a new arrival, a splendid addition to their already joyful gathering. There are times in life that things are so complicated and hard, so full of uncontrollable difficulties, and that is precisely when we are in need of a ‘place of peace’ in which we can rest and find ourselves again. This is one such place. A place that is separate and yet includes cherished community. A place that is intimate and also open for new beginnings. This land mass is rooted in the world below but it is a secret place where this family can go to find respite. They can reintegrate as they prepare for what awaits them. They can also worship in peace, away from judgement and the criticism that is so abundant in the world below.

 Sad Girl

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Dimensions: 12” X 12”
Year Created: 2012
Price: $ 100

Story: The girl in this painting is one who has suffered compounded loss and pain which is aggravated through daily life. She grieves the loss of her innocence and her courage. Though through her grief she is growing in strength, power, and beauty. As she cries out her loss and expresses it openly, she rebuilds her dignity and hope.



Medium: Oil on Canvas
Dimensions: 17” X 25”
Year Created: 2012
Price: $ 500

Story: The mother and daughter in this painting are awaiting a ship. The man of the home has been gone for some time and the two woman stand excitedly as they see the boat enter their field of vision. The tree in the foreground is an old Elm. An old wise tree under which this family grows and enjoys life. The Elm is their place of gathering and unity, it is the place they will always come back to and find one another again.